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Es ist Zeit für Träume


80' arabisches Bad · 40' massage

A service full of a story that walks between reality and dream, just as the Hammam space does, through a combination of sensations which foster a connection with nature and with oneself.. The Hammam changes with each season, so that we can experience it in a different way on every visit..


We always endure the cold embrace of winter and never
understand that it is a path to seek
the best of dreams that leads us to the rainbow,
under which we awaken
with gifts that in the snowy season we thought to be lost.

Living every day with the courage to overcome problems,
thinking that we can achieve anything if we imagine its attainment,
ready to feel happiness in the heartbeat of everything.

Are we able to dream of a winter and those to come
without feeling like lost orphans, with our hearts’ eyes open.

Let winter be a dream of what we shall become.

Guillermo Busutil