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A seasonal service connecting you to nature. The Hammam will be the Bridge between that which falls, like the leaves from the trees, and that which grows, like the ferns and wild mushrooms. An unexpected experience where the mundane gives way to wonder and excitement in new encounters.


80' arab baths · 40' autumn massage

You will go in 30 minutes before the start of the rest of your services. Once in the Hammam you will perform a welcome ritual, following which you will be able to once again make contact with the tangible and its memory, in these excessively virtual times. A massage in which we will use things that fall and things that grow, performing deeply relieving massage manoeuvres which intensify the effect of connection with nature and with yourself.

«And it was so natural to cross the street, climb the steps of the bridge, go onto its thin belt and approach the Maga, smiling and unsurprised, convinced, as was I, that an accidental meeting was the least accidental in our lives, and that the people who make precise arrangements are the same ones that need lined paper to write, or squeeze the tube of toothpaste from the bottom (…) We walked without seeking each other but in the knowledge that we walked in order to find each other»

Julio Cortázar, Rayuela (1963)


Sara Facio’s Photo